Bitcoin. P- Modeling Pt 34. Model Q and Model R


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Bitcoin. P- Modeling Pt 34. Model Q and Model R
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I am sorry for the lack of updates. Life takes a strange twist every now and again which leaves you non-functional. I am pretty non-functioning right now. Come back for updates if you please.

I will be super short.
As you all know by now I am doing something 100% theoretical and designed by me. I can give a shit less if you care to understand what i am doing or not. But I have my reasons. Period. Only those who take the time to decode my method in even the slightest will benefit from what I am doing. It is only going to get more complex, more coded, and way more interconnected. If you think you are witnessing the birth of something new. You would be right. Do not believe me? ok. Suit yourself. I respect your opinion. Just Watch. You will see eventually. Doubt is the fuel to my fire. And something poured ether in it. Good luck :).

Model Q of sequence two of the algorithm has been rendered. Rendering of Model Q was decided on the powerful sentry, the evil operator, a converted Geo_Operator and the NEW extended Model M,N,O,P intersect (yellow line).

Sentry and Evil Operator along with the converted geo_operator means that they are in full control. They do as they please.
We must break their grasp or they must let go of us. Simple really.

New Intersect is extended.
Geo_indicators are right on point.
New Connect at Model P to Model Q.
Follow the geometry.

Have a good day.

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